Corporate Responsibility & Sustainable Law

Legalization of corporate responsibility

The green transition and climate change, sustainable growth and human rights are themes that we and our clients participate in solving. Corporate responsibility is undergoing a fundamental change and is at a turning point. As opposed to the more voluntary nature of sustainability, the concept of corporate responsibility is increasingly becoming a legal requirement. There are already existing legal requirements whether enacted by specific regulations or set up by contractual obligations. Corporate responsibility will be more precisely regulated in the future. Sustainability and the green transition are transforming into sustainability law.

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Multidisciplinary approach

Corporate responsibility affects financing and reporting, due diligence requirements, management’s responsibilities, and good governance. It has implications for contractual obligations and the company’s value chain. Among other things, it brings specifics to the interpretation of competition law. Sustainability law brings new implications to existing legal concepts.

Our experts offer a multidisciplinary approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability with a knowledge sharing purpose. We provide support to your sustainable business.

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