Our Employment services

Our experienced and pragmatic Employment team serves our clients in all domestic, international and cross-border matters relating to employment. We provide in-depth legal advice in all areas of employment law, collective bargaining and collective agreements. We also assist in employment law-related questions in M&A transactions.

Our way of working is based on an understanding of best industry practices and a dedication to tackle any objectives our clients have, whether it is a new employment contract, disciplinary action, termination of employment and redundancy, restructuring project and transfer of business, employee privacy and data protection, employment dispute or more day-to-day managerial issue. Regardless of the task at hand, we always make a solution-oriented contribution and communicate up-to-date with the client.

Thanks to the extensive work experience of our team members, we can offer our clients a unique and complete employment law service few others can match. We have a thorough understanding how the Finnish employment framework functions together with collective bargaining processes and labor market policies.

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Client testimonials

“The Procope team consists of highly qualified lawyers. The most impressive thing is that they have extensive experience from the client perspective, something that gives them the ability to provide an excellent service.”

“The team is easily approachable and quick to revert back to their clients every time we reach out to them. An exemplary customer experience where you can trust that the team always gets things done and on time.”

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Contact person

  • Asta Siponen

    Partner, Attorney at Law

    +358 50 0407 446