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At the heart of globalization

Shipping, logistics, and international trade are, by nature, dependent of each other and one cannot exist without the other.

Our team has long experience and thorough understanding of the needs and risks involved in the shipping, international trade, and logistics service markets – not only from the side of ship owners, carriers, freight forwarders or other logistics service providers but also from the side of the cargo interest, and of overall insurance issues. As the international element is usually involved, the team is experienced in assisting clients in international disputes before courts and in arbitration.

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Diverse services                                                           

On transport issues, we advise in all areas of shipping, transport, and logistics – from regulatory matters to drafting of comprehensive logistics frame agreements, and from cargo claims to assistance in relation of collisions, charter parties, newbuilding contracts, and related issues.

Comprehensive expertise

Our expertise from the international trade includes drafting of various type of purchase agreements with special knowledge from the maritime and aviation sector. We also regularly give legal advice on complex customs, sanctions, and other trade restrictions issues.

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Client testimonials

“Ulla von Weissenberg and her team is my absolute first choice when choosing a shipping lawyer in Finland. She is very talented, with deep legal knowledge of this sector but at the same time, a very hands on lawyer.”

“P&H is one of the best Finnish maritime law firms.”

“Turo Sumu is a diligent and sharp lawyer with a good sense of detail and yet a practical and commercial approach.”

“Responsive law firm with a team of committed shipping lawyers.”

“Turo Sumu delivers targeted and effective advice with a pragmatic approach. He is intelligent, reliable, calm and solution oriented.”

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“Ulla von Weissenberg showed profound skills and expertise – however, if there was a situation where we needed some further consultation on some specific matter, there was knowledge and resources available within this practice. In addition to their professional competence, everyone I met was very friendly and approachable.”

“Working with Ulla von Weissenberg was an absolute delight. Ulla brought an impressive level of expertise and skill to the table, and her knowledge was beyond impressive. Ulla’s way of working was very convincing, and she always created a collaborative and productive environment. Also, it wasn’t just the quality of her work – Ulla is also an easy-going person with a great sense of humor. I genuinely look forward to working with her again in the future!”

“Ulla von Weissenberg is a respected and highly qualified professional.”

People in the meeting room People in the meeting room

Procopé & Hornborg advised Meyer Turku Oy in shipbuilding related legal issues

We have advised Meyer Turku Oy in shipbuilding related legal issues.

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Contact persons

  • Ulla von Weissenberg

    Partner, Attorney at Law

    +358 40 8205 732

  • Turo Sumu

    Counsel, Attorney at Law, Trained on the Bench

    +358 40 5089 008