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Our Data Protection & Technology Services

We believe in combining legal expertise, dedication, and creativity – especially when operating at the intersection of law and emerging technologies. Businesses interfacing with disruptive applications and services face the challenge of incorporating an understanding of legal requirements into their operations. Analyzing, managing, and mitigating legal risks is essential to exploit opportunities such as edge computing, robotics and autonomous systems, blockchain and other forms of distributed ledger technology, and machine learning.

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Our team provides legal expertise in all areas of technology, data protection, and intellectual property rights (IPRs). We regularly advise our clients on:

  • data protection roles and responsibilities
  • cross-border data transfers
  • data protection compliance reviews, privacy audits, impact assessments and balancing tests
  • data security incidents
  • data and IPR related questions in M&A transactions
  • licensing arrangements
  • copyright, trademark, patent, and design right matters
  • protection of business secrets and other IPRs.

In addition to drafting various documents and assisting in negotiations, we regularly assist our clients to ensure that their operations and internal processes comply with GDPR and other legislation.

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