Reference – 02.08.2021

Procopé & Hornborg advised Ensto Invest Oy in the sale of its EBS business to Legrand France S.A

Main contact

Petri Kyllönen

Partner, Attorney at Law

+358 40 0757 732

Procopé & Hornborg advised Ensto Invest Oy (“Ensto”) in the sale of Ensto Building Systems Oy (“EBS”) together with all the EBS  group companies to Legrand France S.A. EBS provides electrification and lighting solutions for buildings, industries, traffic and marine businesses and Legrand France S.A is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures.

The transaction was carried out as a cross border deal and covered EBS’ group companies in 13 different jurisdictions. Closing of the transaction is still subject to the required regulatory approvals.

Ensto Group continues to pursue its ambition of being a leading expert for DSO (Distribution System Operators) business and will now on dedicate its focus on it.

For more information on the transaction, see Ensto’s press release here.

Procopé & Hornborg’s transaction team consisted of Petri Kyllönen, Pia Tanskanen, Helena Wist, Leo Varttala, Ismo Hentula, Asta Siponen, Lotta Uusitalo, Katariina Rontu, Sonja Heinonen, Sampsa Perttunen, Tomi Haapman, Nora Hietanen, Hilma Laamanen and Sari Oravainen. We would like to thank all the parties involved in the transaction for the great cooperation.

  • Petri Kyllönen

    Partner, Attorney at Law

    +358 40 0757 732

  • Pia Tanskanen

    Managing Partner, Attorney at Law, Trained on the Bench

    +358 50 3143 143

  • Ismo Hentula

    Partner, Attorney at Law, eMBA

    +358 40 8338 002

  • Asta Siponen

    Partner, Attorney at Law

    +358 50 0407 446

  • Lotta Uusitalo

    Partner, Attorney at Law, LL.M. (Bruges), Trained on the Bench

    +358 40 8338 008

  • Katariina Rontu


    + 358 50 4308 840

  • Sonja Heinonen


    +358 50 4682 182

  • Tomi Haapman


    +358 40 0494 495

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