Reference – 27.01.2020

Procopé & Hornborg advised Osuuskauppa Varuboden – Osla Handelslag in a notable real estate transaction in Porvoo

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Pia Tanskanen

Managing Partner, Attorney at Law, Trained on the Bench

+358 50 3143 143

We advised Osuuskauppa Varuboden – Osla Handelslag (“VBO”) in the sale of the Porvoo City Shopping Centre real estate to Kauppakeskuskiinteistöt FEA Ky (managed by Fennia Varainhoito Oy). Our advice included also assisting VBO with the significant lease arrangements relating to the Porvoo City Shopping Centre.

VBO operates as an independent retail co-operative in the Uusimaa region and in the Åland Islands as a part of the S Group.

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