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Procopé & Hornborg advises shareholders owning 45 % of the shares of Incar on the sale of their interests to MB Funds

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Procopé & Hornborg acted as the Legal Advisor for the shareholders owning approximately 45% of the shares of Incar in the sale of their interests in Incar to MB Funds. InCar is part of A-Katsastus Group Oy who have sold their damage inspection and collision repair services to MB Funds, a Finnish private equity fund. Incar’s business consists of nationwide vehicle inspection, damage repair and maintenance services.

Closing of the transaction is subject to competition authority approval and it is expected to be completed as soon as possible.

InCar is a company specialized in vehicle damage repair, maintenance and painting services and it was established in 1991. InCar has 40 outlets in Finland, over 350 employees and 13 InCar-partners. InCar repairs over 40 000 vehicles per year.

MB Funds is a leading Finnish private equity fund. The funds belonging to MB are worth in total 0,5 billion euros and the main investors of such funds are leading Finnish institutional investors. MB has successfully invested in about 40 mid-sized companies in the Nordic countries.

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