News – 05.03.2021

In the spotlight: Round-the-world yachtsman knows maritime law

“Corporate law is very complex. Every client case is different,” says Emil Vartiainen of Procopé & Hornborg.

Round-the-world yachtsman Emil Vartiainen is used to looking all around him. Vartiainen’s job description covers dispute resolution, international trade as well as shipping, transport and logistics from the fields of corporate law.

Emil Vartiainen became interested in corporate law as a student, and even then, worked in dispute resolution, which continues to form the main part of his work.

“Dispute resolution combines many areas of law, and situations are considered from many angles. The law and real-life situations. That’s why it’s so interesting.”

Disputes should be quickly resolved

“In dispute in particular, it’s important to document the progress of the case. When all the facts are there, solutions can be found more quickly. One of the most interesting challenges is to consider strategic options and to find a suitable solution and a way forward.

In dispute resolution, it’s also important to weigh the different options and how to achieve an end result that’s as good as possible for both parties.

“Then the business relationship can continue. The earlier the client contacts us, the easier it is to avoid steps that are sometimes difficult to take back. Of course, if there is need of strong advocacy, we will also pursue the case and interest of our client by all means.

Vartiainen clearly sees his career on the law firm side, where there are plenty of things to do and opportunities for development.

“For more than two years now, I’ve been able to support the team in an important role in interesting projects. We’re encouraged to develop by doing.”

Maritime law is an interesting area of specialisation

“As a yachtsman, I’m also interested in maritime law. Maritime law is a special field of expertise in our firm, and there are not many firms that have equally profound competence in it,” says lawyer Emil Vartiainen of Procopé & Hornborg.

Of course, the transport law that Vartiainen knows covers more than just the sea, so he also handles cases concerning transport agreements, be they by ship, air or some other field of logistics.

“Now, particularly during the coronavirus, the overall picture of a client’s logistics might need more careful examination than before, including from a legal perspective.”