Reference – 05.01.2022

Sale of the Vahanen Group to AFRY now completed

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Petri Kyllönen

Partner, Attorney at Law

+358 40 0757 732

The transaction related to the sale of the entire share capital of Vahanen International Oy to AFRY, as disclosed on the 26/10/2021, has now been successfully completed. Procopé & Hornborg acted as the legal advisor for Vahanen Group and its management in the transaction.

Vahanen Group is one of the biggest Finnish-owned technical consulting organizations in construction and property branch. AFRY is a Swedish-Finnish engineering, consulting, and design company.

Vahanen’s net sales in 2020 were EUR 46.6 million, and the company employs about 500 people. With the acquisition of Vahanen, AFRY’s construction and real estate business in Finland will grow and AFRY will increase its number of employees in Finland to about 2,800.

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